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Benefits of Agility Training for Cyclists

⸞ Odelle Joubert Generally, when we hear “agility training” we think it’s just fast-paced, quick-footed drills that professional soccer, rugby, tennis players or runners need to do to be quick on their feet to improve their performance. Cyclists don’t usually think of agility as a necessary training aspect and wouldn’t consider agility workouts on the…

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Happy Women’s Day

⸞ Odelle Joubert Celebrate you every day. Don’t be afraid to jump or take that leap. One step at a time keep going till you have achieved your goal. #happywomensday

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Improve your core to improve your cycling.

Your core is everything from your shoulders down to your hips and toned abs alone won’t give you the strength you need to keep your back injury-free and your power steady on tough climbs. “Your core stabilizes every part of your body, and that allows us to put more power into our pedals,” says Mike…

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Eat for Energy: before, during and after your workout

Eat for energy – fuelling up with nutritious healthy food before, during and after your ride replenishes your glycogen stores which will ensure you have enough power and energy for your next ride. Combining healthy carbohydrates with protein promotes glycogen storage, and combining your post-workout snack with protein can help your body repair damaged muscle and…

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