6 Reasons you NEED to include speed work into training

Odelle Joubert

You may not have audacious racing goals, but there are still plenty of reasons to keep a standing date with speed training. There are a many advantages to include these kind of workouts into your schedule but these are some of the most beneficial reasons.



  1. Slim Down Quicker

You could burn over 300calories for every 10km your ride, but the faster you cover the distance, the sooner you’ll get the burn.

An added bonus: High-intensity training keeps your metabolism revved (and calories incinerating) even after the workout is over.

  1. Build Strength

Speedwork gets fast-twitch muscle fibers firing, and recruits more muscles than slow runs do.

As you lengthen your stride to sprint, you engage your glutes, hip flexors, and extensors.

This improves range of motion and helps alleviate tightness.

  1. Get Faster & more Agile

When you’re holding a swift pace, your feet turn over at a more rapid rate.

So, with enough practice, this quicker cadence becomes more natural, which means you’ll need less effort to move faster on any ride or run.

  1. Increase Stamina

Speed sessions help maximize your aerobic capacity. When you hit a fast pace, you force the heart to pump oxygen through the body at a quicker rate.

Over time, that makes your heart stronger, so it can deliver more oxygen to the muscles and helps your muscles use oxygen more efficiently.

  1. Go Stronger for Longer

By sustaining a comfortably hard effort, you condition your body to hold a faster pace for longer before lactic acid—the waste produced when the body burns glucose—starts accumulating.

That helps stave off the burning sensation that’s so often linked with a hard session.

  1. Make the Joy Last

Even if you don’t care about getting fast, you’ll enjoy reaping the fitness gains that go along with speed work.

When you’re fitter, you can cover the same distance with less effort and bust through plateaus.

Just starting something TODAY.