7 Ways to Start Training Again after the Holidays

Odelle Joubert

If your December was filled with a lot more Merry than training and you may be finding it difficult to get back into it.

After a chocolate-and-rum-frenched holiday it is a tough thing to face.

I know what it’s like and how important it is to have a really good routine and then life happens. You miss a few workouts, stay up too late, eat too much of delicious food, one or two more beers, glasses of wine or that “just one more” shooter than you should have. Next thing you know it’s been weeks till you have done regular workouts if any at all – leaving you feeling despondent because your power, pace and strength isn’t where it was a few weeks ago.

The question is – what can you do to get yourself back to where you left off? If you are struggling to get back into your training routine here are a few tips to help you get motivated and started.

1. Ease into it
Start with something easy that won’t leave you broken or stiff for days. Build your confidence with exercises or training that just get you moving again. As soon as you start with something achievable you will feel better about your current fitness and want to want to revive your route.

2. Commit to shorter workouts
The longer workouts you were doing before might seem daunting and put you off, so at least do something. At least it’s a start. Once you get going you will find yourself back to where you were quicker than you think.

3. Remind yourself how good you feel
Don’t think about the workout think about how you feel afterwards. If you are only going to focus on the effort and not the result, then the workout will seem harder than it actually is.
How often do we say, “I am SO glad I did that”? & apart from a few stiff muscles and a red face, you always feel amazing afterwards and never regret doing a workout.

4. Schedule it in your diary
As life get busier exercise starts moving it’s way to the bottom of the priority list. It’s easy to find an excuse not to train. If you schedule your training into your diary as the most important “meeting or appointment” of your day there is very little chance of skipping it or finding a reason you can’t.

5. Prepare
There is less chance of you missing a training session if you are prepared. Plan ahead, pack your bag the night before or lay out your clothes. Pack your breakfast, lunch, snacks, gym kit, after kit or anything else that will save time.
Preparation is a good reminder of your goal and you will be less likely to back out.

6. Set yourself a Goal
The best way to stay motivated is to set a goal. If you have a destination, then mapping out the road toward it will be a lot easier. This will help you stay focused and on track. Breaking down the route into smaller time frames won’t make the daily, weekly and monthly workouts so over whelming.

7. Find a friend
Having a friend to answer to makes it less likely for you to back out and will boost your motivation. It’s very easy to pull out of your workout if it’s just yourself you must answer to. Training with someone is a great way to boost your drive by holding each other accountable and stick to your workout routine. It also adds a social aspect, which brings a little more fun back into working out.

“Habits are created by the consistent daily activities we chose to put our time towards. So the more consistent you are with your exercise routine, the easier it is to get back into the habit of training. Once it’s a habit, you just go on autopilot and exercising is part of your daily life.”