Four Weeks to a Faster 947

⸞ Odelle Joubert

Whether you are going for a PB or just want to have fun and just enjoy the experience of the race following a specific, personalised training plan is key.

With 4 weeks to go till the #947 it’s time to put the wheels in motion and look at how you can improve your finish time.This year is the year you are going to do your best time ever!

The 947 is an endurance cycling event. This means that “TITS” is essential if you want to finish strong. Don’t get too excited, by “TITS” I am referring to “Time in the Saddle” – the long slow km that are essential if you want to finish stronger than ever.

This type of steady pace training will increase your cardio capacity, general cycling fitness and endurance, but it won’t increase the speed that you are able to ride at. If you really want to reach that goal and substantially increase your speed, then you need to include speed work in order to maximize your training.

We have two types of muscle fibres – slow twitch and fast twitch. Slow twitch muscle fibres are smaller and more fatigue resistant than their fast twitch counterparts, which are bigger and produce more power, but are quicker to tire.

You need to have a good combination of slow and fast twitch muscle fibers to increase efficiency and speed, while using less energy during a long cycling event. We train the slow twitch muscle fibres with our long steady distance training, but the best way to train the fast twitch muscle is to train at a higher intensity with adequate recovery in between.

There are a variety of different speed drills to try. These are typically high cadence interval drills that can be done in short, quick sessions, with you reaping the long-term benefit of being able to cycle faster.

The speed drills we recommend are the following:
1. Vo2 max interval drills
2. Anaerobic Endurance interval drills
3. Speed Endurance Interval drills

Each of these will have a specific workload time with adequate recovery intervals. The intervals are progressive and should vary from one week to the next.

@URLimitless a qualified trainer would be able to remotely track your progress and adjust your workout intensity from week to week to ensure the maximum benefit for you from these types of training sessions, and ensuring you achieve your 947 goal this year.
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